The Book of Rolex


An exhaustive appraisal of the Rolex watch

The Book of Rolex by Jens Høy. Including studies of vintage models, current designs, and special editions. Learn how to spot fakes using the same clues as to the experts. Invaluable to any watch-lover, especially aspiring Rolex collectors. 

Horological trends flit by faster than ever in today’s fast-paced society. But Rolex does not rely on gimmicks; theirs is a more perennial allure, with a reputation built on traditions and hard-earned skills. A company that innovates while paying homage to its roots, every Rolex is the cumulation of centuries of watchmaking expertise.

Within this book, you will find explanations of the making process, descriptions of the materials involved, and expert commentary on what makes each Rolex wristwatch unique.

This book demonstrates how each model fits its social milieu, present, and past. It also addresses the multitude of fakes on the market, including the so-called ‘Frankensteins’ – watches made from a mixture of real parts and forgeries, which are notoriously hard to spot – imparting all the skills needed to pick counterfeits out of a line-up.

A holistic view of Rolex watches, this book promises to be as timeless as the brand itself. Should you be considering a Rolex, this book will convince you of its worth as an investment.

The Rolex Name

It is equal with top-notch watches and has been for over a century. Perhaps the best book on the famous brand, The Book of Rolex gives clarifications of the creation procedure, portrayals of the materials required alongside master analysis on what makes each Rolex wristwatch one of a kind.

From the early history of the brand to highlights on probably the most venerated models just as the famously unpredictable universe of fakes, the hardbound book is an absolute necessity own for all Rolex fans and devotees.

Several excellent shading outlines are found inside, just as a thorough examination of a Rolex watch, including investigations of vintage models, current plans, and unique releases.



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