BALMUDA Steam Toaster Oven


An impressive toaster that realizes the best fragrance and texture.

With steam technology and temperature control, it reproduces the freshly baked taste just out of the kiln. In the new classic mode, you can enjoy various cooking easier.  When operation starts, the steam fills the inside of the cabinet, and the surface of the bread is covered with a thin moisture film. Since moisture is heated much faster than gas, only the surface of bread is burned lightly and the oil and fat ingredients such as moisture and butter and bread in the bread are firmly confined and full-scale heater control Baking starts. Perfect temperature control, three temperature zones are perfectly controlled to achieve the best condition of toast. Mode of 5: This is because, for example, bread with ingredients on top and bread on which ingredients are on, croissant, the temperature at which the inside begins to warm, the temperature at which the surface starts to color starts to differ. It is a mode prepared to bring out the best taste with each bread. Classic, and smart design theme is modern classic.

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