Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Maker


Great Tasting Coffee Is Now Automated 

Experience the ultimate in coffee and tea making with the Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Maker


Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Maker Characteristics

Elegant craftsmenship with hand-finished wood and hand-blown glass, featuring Brew-To-Wake, Brew-On-Demand, alarm clock, USB Phone Charging Port, a milk fridge and intuitive controls for setting the alarm and brew preferance.

  • A perfect pour over coffee
  • Luxurious materials for long-lasting use
  • 100% pure glass vessels and cup for optimal taste

Crafted Wood Trays

The wood trays are machined from solid wood and go through vigorous hand-finishing process.

Hand-Blown Glass

Our Glass is hand-formed by masters using the purest boroscilate glass available.

Coffee on Demand

Whether you want coffee as wake up or during the day, the Barisieur is the ultimate barista.

Timeless Tech with Style

Joy Resolve continuously strives to balance user happiness with ambitious, sustainable design.

Our considered approach results in robust products underpinned by a functional conscientiousness.

Our product vision encourages interaction, sentimentality and accessibility.

The Milk Cooler

Keep milk cold using a smart refrigerator that uses an infrared sensor to detect if milk is present.. Regulating it at 3-5 °C to maintain freshness.

Stay-Fresh Coffee Draw

Embedded in the body of the Barisieur, the coffee draw conveniently stores over a weeks worth of ground coffee/tea in a sealed container with included stainless steel scoop.

Full Bodied Flavour with no sediment:

Designed to create best coffee possible the two layered mesh-filter lets more coffee oils through creating a fully-bodied flavour beverage without the grittiness and sediment at the bottom of your cup. A great alternative to paper filters.

Good design is at the core of every offering, each product adhering to our own strict guidelines on sustainability and functionality.

This is an excellent line of general purpose, manual coffee makers. They feature superior craftsmanship and high quality. Practically speaking, many kitchen coffee makers already let you set a brew time.

An alarm clock that doubles as a coffee brewer seems like something the inventor Randall Peltzer from Gremlins would dream up.

But the Barisieur Alarm Clock Coffee Maker’s sophisticated design and straightforward operation should make it right at home at the bedside for many coffee lovers. It’s also easy to envision it in a boutique hotel or a nice Airbnb rental.

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