Fizzics FZ403 DraftPour Beer Dispenser


The DraftPour is available in four stunning finishes and uses our popular Micro-Foam Technology to convert your favorite cans or bottles of beer into a nitro-style draft. The DraftPour home beer dispenser runs on either USB or battery power (2 AA), so you can enjoy fresh from the tap taste at home, in the backyard, or easily take it to a party or tailgate!

Fizzics draft beer dispensers are available in Ice, Carbon, Pub and Copper finishes.

715xBzG3wyL. AC SL1500
71w5ox3gt2L. AC SL1500
71I3w5MRCDL. AC SL1500
71JJ1iI2xCL. AC SL1500
81LX8jwgeoL. AC SL1500
711hd8A1ggL. AC SL1500

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