Hyundai 2020 PALISADE


What if beautiful, distinctive design were comfortable and accommodating? If intelligent safety was top priority, and versatility was maximized from the start? It’s not out of reach. In fact, when it comes to creating top-tier experiences with your family, the sky’s the limit. With Palisade, great times with family come with the territory.

2020 palisade lx2 0017 w talent lightsoff 4 3
2020 palisade extended tile 16 9
2020 palisade sel premium hyper white 019 16 9
2020 palisade sel premium 7 seater navy gray leather 1 1
2020 palisade lx2 0026 mainmenu cupholderclosed 123 inch fully digital instrument cluster 1 1
2020 palisade lx2 0032 talent 2 1 1
2020 palisade vlp hero grad Hero Image

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