Ooni Gas Fired Pizza Oven

by theextuff@gmail.com

The portable pizza oven that packs along with you for good eats anytime, anywhere

Neapolitan style, Sicialian style, thick crust, or even if you’re more of a steak kinda guy, Ooni’s latest pizza oven, the Koda Portable Oven, brings the luxury of a high-powered oven on the road with you in a conveniently-sized, propane-powered system. Rather than delivery that promises your pie in 30 minutes or less, the Koda Portable Oven heats up to whopping 932°F and pumps out a five-star quality pizza in just 60 seconds. The state-of-the-art, compact, and remarkably simple design eliminates complex assembly and makes clean-up and storage hassle-free and encourages you to bring endless good eats along any road trip.

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