Pick Punch – The Original Guitar Pick Punch

by theextuff@gmail.com

The Original Pick Punch. Make picks from credit cards, gift cards, hotel key cards, ID cards, plastic materials or from sheets of popular materials like Delrin, Lexan and Ultem. We have years of experience making tools and supplying materials for making guitar picks. If it has been tried we probably know how to do it or we probably have done it ourselves. This experience has led to this 351 punch. Includes our original 351 Shape guitar pick punch direct from the Company that invented it Pick Punch LLC. Like all Pick Punch tools these are super heavy duty with superior front load design. These are not cheap tools. They weigh 1.3 pounds each! Also included is an instruction packet and more information about where to go to get all kinds of pictures and videos on how to make picks from all kinds of materials and customize them in various ways.

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