Introducing the Skycamp 2X 2.0: a new and improved 2019 Skycamp 2X!
Enjoy the easiest and most comfortable camping experience imaginable with the Skycamp 2X rooftop tent.

  • 1 Minute Setup: Get out of your car and be ready to camp in 60 seconds.
  • Aerodynamic and Lightweight Design: Looks great and fits on most vehicles.
  • Customizable: Choose the color of your hard shell and the accessories you want for the best camping experience.
  • Breathable: Insulating Poly-Cotton Canvas tent fabric.
  • Hard Shell Locks: Closing straps have locks to give you peace of mind.
  • Quality:The Skycamp 2X is made with love at our own factory in South Korea with quality components and custom molds.

Skycamp 2X 2.0 Improvements:

  • Thicker Mattress: 1.8″ high density memory foam
  • Interior Design: World map graphic
  • Hard Shell Locks: Stronger stainless steel
  • Windows: Outer fabric turns into a canopy
  • Mounting Brackets: Easier to install
  • Redesigned Ladder: Safer and more comfortable


  • Floor: durable & insulating honeycomb aluminum panels
  • Tent: breathable 300gsm poly-cotton canvas
  • Rainfly: waterproof polyester 150D (PU 3000mm)
  • Shell: double-layered FRP with 1″ air insulation
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