Super73-Z1 Lightweight E-Bike


Don’t you dare call this e-bike a moped

Folks who own a Super73 e-bike are part of an elite group of people that actually enjoy their commute to and from work. The minimalist, retro-inspired Z1 offers the look and feel of a motorcycle but with the high-tech operational power of a high-end electric bike. Its smooth acceleration gets you to a top speed of 20 mph that gets you to work quickly and efficiently, and the 25 mile battery life lets you make any number of stops on the way home. Take it out on the weekend to run errands and turn every trip into a joyride.

  • The ultimate around-town bike that uses a highly efficient battery to provide a seamless, easy ride every time
  • Accelerates smoothly to a top speed of 20 mph
  • Battery life lasts anywhere between 15 – 25 miles depending on the elevation and other factors
  • Ships in one box, with minimal assembly required—handles and pedals just need to be screwed in place
  • Highly durable stainless steel frame is hand-welded in California
  • Oversized vinyl seat is super comfortable
  • Lightweight and easy to handle—includes a back handle for easy maneuvering and lifting
  • Operates like a traditional bike in the event of a dead or weak battery
  • Heavy duty tires and wheels provide extra protection and cushion on bumpy roads
  • Does not require a new license to operate
  • Simply plug it into a wall socket for easy charging

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