LightForm LF2 AR Projector. The First AR projector.


Projector + camera + computer = magic

Presenting the up and coming age of Lightform, the LF2 AR projector. LF2 is the principal AR projector and gives all that you have to make enchantment with light. LFC Pack can be utilized to pull out all the stops with your own projector. It resembles LF1, however progressively adaptable and quicker.

LightForm’s LF2 AR projector one of a kind projector packs a PC inside, just as an RGB/IR camera, permitting it to consequently make profundity maps. Joined with Lightform’s Maker programming, anybody can make astonishing projection mapping shows in little to medium-sized spaces. As of now have a projector? Look at the LFC.

LF2 projects structured light “grey code” patterns that are captured by the 4K camera. These patterns display for ~30 seconds and generate the Depth Estimate Map.

LF2 generates a projector resolution depth estimate map, fills in holes, and wirelessly transfers the data back to your laptop in ~1 minute.

Drag and drop instant effects in Lightform Creator, LF2’s companion desktop content creation software. The interactive effects use the Depth Estimate Map to precisely map your scene. You can preview effects live from Creator, or upload directly to the LF2.

Some Applications for LightForm LF2 AR Projector 

Art & Decor

Create your masterpiece. Bring your sets, illustrations, paintings, or sculptures to life.


Bring theme-park level magic to your next project. Guests will share the experience in-person and on social media.


Signage should look like art, not like a TV at a sports bar. Make your signage match your brand with projected AR.

*Notice that LightForm LF2 AR projector price may vary as this an introduction price. 

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