Meet Penny, Second-Gen Restaurant Robot


Say goodbye to balancing a tray full of drinks. Penny’s smooth driving ability means it can deliver several beverages at once. It’s what Penny was born to do. The self-driving robot easily delivers food from the kitchen to your customers. Let Penny take the plates to the bussing station while your server asks how the table enjoyed their meal.

Customers get a better experience.

In our pilots, roughly fifty percent of diners said that Penny improved their restaurant experience. This is because Penny lets servers focus more time providing service and addressing diners needs, improving customer service, and reducing wait time.

Employees walk and lift less.

Servers walk 5-9 miles a day running food and bussing. Our robots afford servers time and energy toward better customer service.

Owners have dependable staff 24/7.

Penny is the employee that you can always count on and will run up to 12 hours per charge. Our robots help restaurant owners retain their best employees by making their daily work sustainable. Running a restaurant should be less stressful and we believe Penny can help.

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